Sunday, August 23, 2009

To wrap it up.....

Ill try to make this short (who am I kidding, really), seriously though I will try.
Here is the review of the last couple days...wrapped up nicely in a bundle by the this super tired mommy:

Last week we introduced the little guy to Guacamole. Well, really Avocados, but down here we say Guacamole. Pop has been chomping at the bit to get some to the little guy and finally it was time so of course he got to do the honors at our old hole in the wall stand by we eat at almost every week, Juan's. The avocado was a hit. He only tried it that one time though, so when we pick it back up we will see if he still likes it!

Jackson then moved on to Sweet Potatoes today. HOMEMADE Sweet Potatoes my friends. Check out the process below:
Make sure baby is happy and begin dicing potatoes.
Steam potatoes
Blend up the steamed potatoes to consistency I want.
Put in tray for easy freezing and eating.
Feed to Baby
Hmmmmmmm Thinking...
Satisfaction. Sweet Potatoes for the Sweet....
Successful! (talk about alliteration in that sentence!)

Oh last night. What a night. We had a rough go of it. Jackson had an upset stomach and he was really having a hard time drinking his bottle and going to sleep. I think I counted 3 feeding attempts, 5 putting to bed attempts, milicon, LOTS of love and rocking. All of this lasted from about 6:45 till when he finally went down to bed at 10:45. The last hour up was a good one, he was in my bed with me watching Baby Einstein. Taylor was gone so that kind of made things a little more stressful for me. Thank Goodness Maranda and Jake had come over to hang out, she was a good shoulder to cry on and Jake is the sweetest, he climbed up on my lap when I was a little teary from the stress of it all. Thanks guys for being there for me and Jackson. He is still having issues today so I am going to lay off the food for a few days and see if that helps. I think Ill call the doctor in a few days also if it isnt better. I just dont think its normal for him to cry, squirm and not want the bottle at EVERY feeding. So thats the yucky part, but lots of good things to be thankful for. Here is one I am thankful moment: Uncle Troy and Aunt Chelsea came over to babysit this afternoon while Taylor and I went to go see the Harry Potter movie. Which was a nice little break, love that one on one time with one of the two best guy's in the whole world. (The other is Jackson of course:))

So thats it, the last couple days, all wrapped up in a nice little bundle. Much like this bundle here:
Nice bundle huh?

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