Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby-sitting and Dad Time!

"I will do this tummy time, but I am not happy about it"

Jackson and I took a trip to the HEB on Monday. Man I love that place. He cracks me up when we are there, he just looks around at everything and now that he is grabbing at stuff, Ill hold stuff up for him to touch and ask him to help me pick between things and he always grabs the one he thinks we need!! He He He! I just wish he could sit up already, he gets so uncomfortable in that car seat.

While at the grocery store I recieved a call from my friend Christi's hubby Matt. Christi has a little boy Asher, who is 7weeks old and PRECIOUS. Christi had the flu (non-swine related!) and her doctor said for her to have help to take care of the baby as much as possible so she doesnt get the little guy sick. So of course I offered to help, and YAY they took me up on it! So Tuesday afternoon I watched Asher at my house from about 1-6:30. To be honest, I was totally terrified, I though o.k. I KNOW I can do this, but how is Jackson going to be? Is he going to be good and self sufficient or is he going to be needy? I thought "What am I going to do if they are both hungry AT THE SAME TIME?" Well, turns out, it was the easiest baby-sitting job of my life, Asher slept from 1-4:45 (I had to wake him up), ate, played in his bouncy chair for a little bit, and then went back to sleep at about 6:00! Jackson was really good, just not sure why his bouncer doesn't light up and sing like Asher's! He just stared at Asher and Asher's active bouncer. See pics below! So I told Christi, as long as he sleeps like that I would be happy to baby-sit again!!! Thank you Taylor for coming home a little early to help in case I needed it!
Asher, sitting in his bouncer.
Jackson watching Ashers bouncer light up and sing.

Yesterday we ran some errands and I found some shorts on sale at Target for $4(for Jackson)!! WOOHOO! Last night, Jackson had some one on one time with Dad. I had to go to my friend Chelsea's bachlorette party, so Taylor was on call! Our friend Roland came over to help Tay fix his bike and visit (his wife and my really good friend Charlsie was with me at the party). So Tay put Jackson in his Bjorn (or daddy backpack as I call it) and they worked on the bike. Oh I so wish I had pics of that. Just the mental image is enough though! LOL. Then they bathed Jackson (I know right), and while Tay fed Jackson, Roland was hanging out visiting. Jackson got fussy towards the end and was falling asleep so while Taylor was waking him so he could finish his bottle he would start screaming crying, so Roland recorded it on his phone and played it back to Jackson. Jackson stopped crying and looked at Roland and the phone and Roland said "I know, pretty bad huh"! I thought that was hilarious! Anyways so they had a good night and so did I. Nice to have fun with gals...AND totally and completely trust my husband!

This weekend is Chelsea's wedding and I am in it so Taylor's parents are coming into town to watch Jackson while we are at the wedding. It is a 7p.m. wedding, so too close to bed time to chance it, and I REFUSE to be that mom with the screaming kid during the wedding! Hope everyone is having a good week!
"We'll be back"

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  1. Lindsey, I think Cassidy Johnston sounds good too. :) Here's the deal - the Baker's can offer Cassidy free soccer anything good like that to offer? ha, j/k!

    I've been to your blog before (I think I left a comment?) and have told Charlsie many times what a NUGGET Jackson is. I hope to meet him soon! Actually...I'm having a totally random playgroup on Friday the 28th if you'd like to come...I'll get your email from Charlsie.