Friday, August 14, 2009


So Thursday was an AMAZING day for us. Well, at least I think so. What do these two pictures mean to you?:
Okay pat yourself on the back if you guessed this: Cereal + applesauce = Happy Baby.
Thats right my friends, I decided to try cereal again yesterday bc my little guy was still hungry after eating 8oz of formula. He was eating the cereal but apparently so not into it. I threw a little applesauce in there and he gobbled it up....HAPPILY!! After the meal he enjoyed his swing and smiled in the aftermath of having a happy, sweetened, full belly. Such a guy. Momma always said "the way to a guys heart is threw his tummy". My little guy looked even more in love with his mommy after the feeding. No lie.

Then as if I wasn't already so happy and proud (yeah I shed a little happy tear when he was eating that cereal all up. Im such a sap). He ALMOST rolled over from back to front. Check out the pics below:
Starting to go for the prize....
"Well I can see the prize so I don't really need to move over more."
I think its only a matter of days my friends!

AND THEN....Fri morning he was really trying hard to sit on his own. Look at these pictures:

Sorry they are so grainy... cell phone pictures, and in the blurry one he is smiling and moving his head so thats what happened with that one!

So seriously, I am really on a parenting/mom/love my kid CLOUD 9!!! Okay so there I put it all out there, I promise I am not making any "congratulations" signs for him or anything. Just totally proud on the inside..and on the blog....and to my husband...and to my friends whose phone numbers are on my speed dial...and to anyone who asks...or anyone who looks at me in the grocery store.
Oh boy, Im THAT mom.
Im just excited bc I can now use my new baby toy for cooking. Sooo planning on a veggie and fruit shopping trip to Whole Foods Monday, anyone wanna go with me?!

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  1. Yay Jackson! That sitting up changes EVERYTHING! You will love that he can do that b/c he'll be able to ride in the front of the grocery cart, etc. Rolling not so much...because you can't leave them in a room thinking they'll stay put anymore! Chad keeps trying to teach Cassidy to crawl...and I promptly push her down! ha! (j/j...kind of)