Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun Weekend

This weekend was fun because my little guy laughed, and I mean LAUGHED at me not once not twice but more than 3 or 4 times! Kissing noises had him rolling in the car yesterday and kissing his feet had him cackling as well. But today, was the best. I was singing a newly learned song "The Little Green Frog", and he was laughing so hard everytime, of course we had to record it. The video below is me singing and him laughing his little heart out. Sooo funny. I of course spoofed at the end bc I was trying not to laugh so hard at him. I was failing miserably :)
Thanks to Chelsea and the girls at the wedding for teaching me the tune!
Love the choking from laughing and drooling right?!!!

I was in my friend Chelsea's wedding Sat night and you wont believe it but I left my camera and didn't have any pictures, the ones I took on my cell are so grainy and not worth it, but Ill steal some from the bride later and put them on here. Had a blast, I love being a part of weddings in the sense of seeing two people commit for life to each other. The music and dad giving the bride away always gets me! Taylors parents, Camille and Johnny (Cami and Papa J) came in to watch their little grandbaby so Taylor could join me at the wedding. They loved every bit of the weekend with him and I now have a SPOILED ROTTEN BABY!!!! He is desperate for attention and wants nothing to do with being left alone. Many thanks to them for that...he he he.
Papa J teaching Jackson how to box and Jackson was loving it!
We ended up the too short but good weekend by having a yummy and awesome breakfast at Buffalo Grill and it was so good. I had french toast.....
Love the photography huh?!! he he he and OMG French Toast with loads of butter and pepper bacon is even more mouthwatering and better coming off a few weeks of strict lettuce eating so that you can fit in a bridesmaid dress dieting.{ I may or may not have, in the last 16 hours, already gained back the pounds I lost (started with a desperately needed trip to Taco Bell at 11 last night, swallowed down with a good ol Shiner Bock beer). Perfect ending to a night, only Taco Cabana could have made it better.}

Funny story: Camille and I grabbed the drinks and had a seat (its a order at the front, get your own drink kind of place). She decided to get Johnny's coffee for him, so she takes his mug and fills it up near the drink station. Johnny comes and sits down, takes a sip, makes a face and rocks his head back (he is a dramatic kinda guy, if you know him, you can picture this!) and says "What did you get me to drink ".
She says "Oh its to hot huh", he says "No, its not that" and then takes another forced sip and rocks his head back again and with a grimmace, says "This isnt coffee...taste this" so Camille is afraid to taste it thinking its this god awful coffee, she kept asking him "what is it, what is it?". Finally he says to her,
"you got me syrup... Maple syrup is in my coffee cup." She kind of looked bewildered and says "well, Johnny, I got it out of the coffee dispenser, pointing to the small, off to the side, next to the sauces, hot liquid dispenser." I said "Camille that wasnt the coffee dispensers, look over there (pointing to the three or four LARGE coffee dispensers)"
We all started dying laughing and she said "I guess I didnt see those, I thought it was a little odd for it to be off to the side like that!!" So Johnny had a nice cup of syrup not coffee. What a surprise when he thought he was about to have a sip of coffee. It was sooo funny. If you arent laughing then I guess you just had to be there, but there is nothing worse than being confident that you go to take a sip of something knowing what it will taste like and it is NOTHING like its supposed to be. Too funny. Below are the pictures of the "maple"coffee, and then the two mugs together. Truthfully they do look similar. Wonder if anyone else made that mistake there? Poor Camille, but boy we hooted bc Johnny's face was priceless.
Now we are just relaxing and getting ready to start a new week.I organized the pantry and cleaned out all the expired stuff. THAT was a job! All of my friends who are teachers are going back to work tomorrow and for the first time in a really long time, I wont be there to get my own classroom ready. Weird. Maranda and I are going to go up to our old workplace and have lunch though, so I think that will be even weirder. We will see I guess!
Everyone have a good week and I hope you enjoyed the video, pictures and short story!


  1. Hilarious! You are so goofy. But those cackles and gurgles just melt your heart. And on another note, I TOO cleaned my pantry out- top to bottom, everything out, walls scrubbed down, shelves too and everything re-organized. Did I mention I had a weevil infestation? I hate those little boogers. We had a WAR and I WON!! with the vacuum of course! ha HA

  2. Hey Lindsey, shoot me an email when you get a chance - kristensupan (@) gmail (dot) com. I want to send you info on the playdate on the 28th!