Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy week so far...

But never to busy to play in the jumper...loves this more than the excersaucer!
Sorry I haven't updated since Sunday. I know you were all frantically worried about whether I was even alive or not...he he he. Thats at least what I tell myself...must update blog...people are worried...!!! This week started off busy and is just now slowing down. Today the Jackster and I are taking it e-a-s-y! Maybe we will sneak in a trip to target for a new toy I saw on another babies car seat. Must keep up with the Jones's. ;)

Monday we went with Lori and Grant to Whole Foods to pick out some organic veggies so I could make baby food with my new Beaba Baby Food Maker! (I am planning on using it today so stay tuned for the results!) He is really loving applesauce so I am ready to move on to sweet potatoes. After that Lori and Grant came over to the house to visit. Grant and Jackson were so cute, they were looking at each other and smiling. Grant is a month older than Jackson and it was really awesome to see firsthand the difference a month makes. Grant was flopping around like a fish out of water, and pushing up on his arms. Jackson is so almost there, but not yet. We took some pictures of them playing on the play mat together. Grant kept rolling on top of Jackson and Jackson was just like "whatever"! It was so funny. He also went to put Jackson arm in his mouth and bc I am used to hanging out with 1 yr olds and + I said "oh, no bite Grant" then quickly apologized when he gave me the look that said "Lady, I don't even have teeth and if your kids arm wasn't so fat I probably wouldn't have even been interested"! Whoops.
"Hey your arm looks tasty"...pre fake bite!
Jackson hates tummy time..this is his Im not happy face.
Tuesday Jackson and I had lunch with Charlsie and Lauren who are back to work, and Maranda and Jake. Then we had to take Dixie to the vet...AGAIN!!! This time she just needed her shots updated. I swear that dog is breaking the bank these days! Good thing she's cute. (Today she got sent outside by me bc she was talking back to me after I gave her explicit instructions to back off while I was playing with Jackson. YES she does talk back. I can video it if you want, but anyways I was totally irritated and said "If you run your muzzle at me again, your going outside." and sure enough "grrrahhrrrahhhhhrahhh" so she went outside.) Laugh if you want but its true.

Yesterday Jackson and I had a great lunch at Chuy's with my brother Matt who is sadly moving to Miami, FL in a few weeks...tear. Loved the visit, Jackson was just staring at all the colors and couldn't even focus to eat! After that we had a quick run to my old school to see some of my friends before the students come back next week. Everyone was oohing and ahhing at Jackson but the number one thing heard guessed it..."His cheeks are so big, omg they are so cute"!! Love it! I really went by the school to "borrow" some poster board bc Lauren, Maranda and I are having a huge garage sale on Sat. at Maranda's house and we needed to make signs. So then after the school we headed over to Marandas to help set it all up and get organized. IT WAS SO FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE OH MY GOSH!!!! Jackson was laying on the floor watching baby einstein and Tori (Dixies BF) just layed down right next to him, it was the cutest thing. So "click, take a pic" I took of them together.
Jackson hung out with Jake when Jake woke up from his nap and it was so sweet bc Jake was trying to teach Jackson how to play with his toys on his excersaucer. Its insane to me that right now there is such a difference between the two boys (they are a year and a month apart) but in a year or two it wont be much of a difference at all. Wow. Crazy.

So as you can read (I know I know my posts are getting longer and longer..but really you know the way I talk so are you surprised?), we have had a busy week. We are relaxing and cleaning today. I think we will relax tomorrow too. GUESS WHAT THOUGH: Jackson and I got invited to our first official play date!! Cannot wait, its next Friday and from what I understand there are going to be lots of little ones running around. Its at my new friend (via blog and via next door neighbors to Charlsie and Roland) Kristens house. Getting excited! Wish us luck at the garage sale Saturday. Tons of baby girl clothes...really cute stuff. Hope everyone has a good Thursday and Friday bc in case something really interesting happens I wont update again until Sat! I know, your sad, but hold your head up high.

On a quick side note, please pray for my friend Lauren, whose dad is terminally ill with cancer, and my old co worker Jocelyn whose husband just died yesterday. Hard times for such good people. Be thinking of them!

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