Sunday, August 30, 2009

What to title this post...hmmmm

How about Birthday Party/Fun with Cousins/Mom wont stop taking pictures of me/...well you get the picture (no pun intended).

First I want to quickly enlighten you on a few things exciting from my world (Lindsey...not mom). Before I got preggers I loved and I mean LOVED cooking up yummy/innovative dishes for Taylor and I. I would find a recipe and then twist it to make it my own piece or just come up with something random. Some turned out DELICIOSO and some..well... think taste bud disaster. So when I got pregnant I was either too nauseous or tired to really get into cooking. Then after Jackson was born, I was either too tired or living on borrowed time to make anything really creative. So Thu on the cooking blog I have linked here and on my blog list I made the spinach and ricotta cheese stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon. I did my own thing to it and OMG HEAVEN!!! Needless to say my hubby was very happy his ol wife returned. So try out the dish, and if your like me, add your own favorite things to it (that go with it of course). I served it with my homemade caesar salad and some yummy croissant rolls I had spread a layer of garlic cheese butter on and then rolled up to bake. OMG AGAIN!!! It was all a hit! Only thing missing was a good glass of red.

Second thing I wanted to tell you was I AM NOW IN LOVE and I mean LOVE with Wet Ones Wipes. They really get out EVERYTHING. How many of us girls put on our outfit in a hurry and we find ourselves looking at :
Deodorant on our clothes AGHHHH?
Truly nothing really gets it off quick other than water + towell + time. SO annoying. So I found myself in this dilema on my way to church with deodorant on the bottom of my black dress. I had some Wet Ones in my diaper bag so scrubbed I did and voila:
No more deodorant!!! YAY!! Who knew they would be so awesome for that purpose?
( I do not take pictures of clothes with deodorant stains on them first, I took it bc I saw it worked on the other stain first, got excited and needed to share with you all!)

Now onto the Jackson stuff because that is really what this blog is all about! Saturday we went to my niece Isabella's 7th (I cant believe she is that old already) Birthday. It was in Austin where she lives so we drove up there with my dad, AKA "Pop".
There was Jumping (it was at a jumping place),
Face Painting,

AND a sleeping baby who got so excited that when the rush wore off, it was time to crash!
After the party, we went back to The Brogna's house so we could visit more.
Whoa, WHAT is so colorfull on your face?.....
I would like to touch it or eat it thank you!
Candid Shots from Davis (photographer to be at age 4) YES I let him have my camera, I think his dog Daisy may be blinded from the flash so many pics were taken of her. Pretty good pictures too...I think!
His self portrait:
We had such a good time and wished we had packed bags so we could have stayed the night. Isabella and Davis love Jackson, and the way he was smiling at them, I would say he loves them too! Such a great day and he slept the WHOLE way back from Austin.
And of course, I always have to wrap up the blog post with more pictures of my love:
Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week we are taking a trip to Tyler to see my mom for a few days. It will be nice to have some "mom" and for jackson, some "grandma" time!

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